Sealed Atmosphere Treatment Chamber

The Sealed Atmosphere Treatment Chamber is designed for batch processing of infectious materials while in an isolated environment. The chamber design allows the sample to be processed in an inert environment and chilled, if necessary, through the use of an ice bath. Sealed Atmosphere Treatment Chambers are compatible with the S-250, S-450, SFX250, and SFX550 model Sonifiers.

The solid stainless steel chamber screws onto the horn with a neoprene O-ring seal. The chamber is designed to be safely autoclaved.

Hose connections above the liquid level permit purging with an inert gas. This can be done while filling or emptying the contents without breaking the atmospheric seal.

Sealed Atmosphere Treatment Chambers are available for the processing of 3-10 ml, 6-15 ml, or 25-50 ml volumes.  All sizes are available with or without a built-in cooling chamber, which inhibits heat build-up during extended operation.

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