Microplate Horn

Category Homogenizer Accessories
Manufacturer Qsonica

The Microplate Horn is an indirect sonication device capable of processing an entire 96 well microtiter plate or many microtubes at one time.  Simply place your samples within the water-filled reservoir and the sonic energy is transferred into each individual well or tube.  This unit is ideal for high throughput, low-volume applications.  Popular applications include cell lysis, dissolution, DNA shearing and PMCA.

The Microplate Horn generates heat and requires cooling. A recirculating chiller is recommended to cool the Microplate Horn and maintain the water level inside the reservoir.

For best results, use unskirted microplates where all the individual wells are exposed to the water inside the horn.  PCR plates are the optimal design for use with the Microplate Horn.  Each well should be surrounded by water for maximum sonic energy transmission.  Flat bottom plates are not recommended and will process less efficiently.


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