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The Cryolys® is a cooling option for the Precellys®24 that keeps the temperature at approximately 4°C during homogenization. This is particularly useful for extraction of stable RNA and native-state proteins.

Either dry ice or liquid nitrogen can be used with the Cryolys.  Air is then moved through the cryo-chamber and cooled to -50°C.  The cold air is then pushed into the homogenization chamber of the Precellys.  An included probe allows the temperature to be monitored.  

Refrigeration provided by the Cryolys during homogenization increases the extraction efficiency of molecular analytes leading to sample preparation of exceptional quality.

  • Protect sensitive molecules from degradation
  • Get higher yield and functional analytes
  • Prevent enzymatic activity
  • Retain more active proteins
  • Dry-Ice or Liquid Nitrogen cooling

Please note:  A compressed air connection with a minimum of 4 bars (58 psi) of pressure and 120 L / min flow is required.  Most networked lab air systems meet these requirements, but if your does not or you do not have networked lab air, a compressed air canister can be used.


What is involved in installing the Cryolys?

See this quick installation guide for details.


The manual and installation guide only mention liquid nitrogen.  Can I use dry ice with the Cryolys?

Yes, dry ice can be used as a substitute for LN2.


We don't have access to compressed air.  Can we use nitrogen instead?

Yes, nitrogen can be used with the Cryolys although please make every effort to use compressed air if possible.  If not possible, and you must use nitrogen, please follow all standard safety precautions as rapid or prolonged Nitrogen release into a laboratory environment may pose an asphyxiation hazard.


How large is the Cryolys?

The Cryolys weighs 35 lb (16 kg) and measures 17 in (43 cm) deep, 11.8 in (30 cm) wide, and 11.8 in (30 cm) tall.


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