Seed grinding for GMO analysis using the Precellys® Evolution

Instrument: Precellys® Evolution

Sample: Sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, whole peppercorns, coffee beans, flax seeds, black lentils.


  • Add one gram of seeds to a 7 ml CKMix50 tube (past number BER:KT03961- 1-306.7)
  • Do not add buffer
  • Run for the following durations:
    Sunflower seeds: 6800rpm, 1x20sec.
    Cashew nuts, Whole peppercorns, Coffee beans: 7200rpm, 1x10sec.
    Flax seeds, Black lentils: 7200rpm, 1x30sec. 
  • Extract the necessary amount of sample material for downstream analysis: protein Based testing methods (western blot, ELISA….) or DNA-Based testing methods (Southern blot, quantitative real-time PCR….).


Homogenized seeds

a) Sunflower, b) Cashew nuts, c) Whole peppercorns, d) Coffee beans, e) Flax seeds, f) Black lentils before and after grinding using the Precellys® Evolution.