RNA extraction from mouse embryonic tooth germs

Instrument: Precellys® 24 Dual

Sample: Developing tooth germs (soft tissue) dissected from mouse embryos (15-16 days post coïtum) and stored in RNA later.


  • Precellys® kit: 03961-1-203 (ceramic beads 1.4mm – 0.5ml tubes).
  • Add mouse embryonic tooth germs previously in RNA later, rough estimate: 0.75mg for 6 tooth germs.
  • Add 200 μl lysis buffer (RLT+ β-mercaptoethanol).
  • Run the Precellys at 5500 rpm, 2x10 sec, 10 sec break
  • Purify with Qiagen RNeasy Micro kit.


Yield was closed to theoretical yield for embryonic tissues (theoretical: 1.5mg; obtained: 1 to 1.4 mg).

Typical profile obtained on Agilent Bioalnalyser 2100 following lysis with Precellys®24 and purification with Qiagen RNeasy micro kit