Homogenization of Zebrafish

Instrument: Bullet Blender

Sample:  Danio rerio up to about one month post-fertilization


  1. Place 10-300mg of zebrafish into microcentrifuge tubes. NOTE: Unhatched fish do not require prior dechorionation.
  2. Add a mass of zirconium oxide beads (0.5mm or 1.0mm) to the tube equal to 2x your mass of sample (so for 50mg of zebrafish, add 100 mg of beads). One scoop of beads ≈ 180mg.
  3. Add 2 volumes of buffer for every mass of fish (for example, with 100mg of fish use 200ml of buffer).
  4. Close the microcentrifuge tubes.
  5. Place tubes into the Bullet Blender®.
  6. Set controls for SPEED 8 and TIME 3 minutes.
  7. Remove tubes from the instrument.
  8. Visually inspect samples, if homogenization is unsatisfactory, run for another two minutes at the SPEED 8.
  9. Proceed with your downstream application.