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Manufacturer Interscience
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For fibrous samples for use with the BagMixer 400 or JumboMix 3500

BagFilter® is a blender bag equipped with a lateral filter, perfect for the microbiological analyses of fibrous samples. Made of Multilayer®, a reinforced multicoated complex, it is resistant for the homogenization of any sample to analyze.
    • Approved for food contact 
    • NO RISKS of cross-contamination 
    • The filtration of the sample occurs during its homogenization 
    • The particle-free filtrate is the guarantee of an efficient analysis and ideal for automatic plating and colony counting 
    • Gamma ray treated 
    • In compliance with ISO 4833-2 new standards
    • Ideal for fibrous samples 
    • Ideal for pipetting (BagFilter® P) 
    • Ideal for pouring (BagFilter® S) 
    • Ideal for PCR & small volumes (BagFilter® Pull-Up®)
    • Food and agricultural microbiological analyses (Ex: meat, cooked meat, fish, prepared dishes, fruits, vegetables…) 
    • Pharmacological microbiological analyses (Ex: pills, tablets, blisters, powders…) 
    • Environmental microbiological analyses (Ex: plants, soil, filtration membranes, tissues…)
    • 400 mL (190 x 300 mm) 
    • 3500 mL (380 x 600 mm) 

Bag Options:

BagFilter P: Ideal for pipetting
Blender bag with a side non-woven filter. Flora is extracted from the sample and goes through the filter during blending. You can then pipet behind the filter with no residue or particles from the sample. Available in 400 mL, 2000 mL, and 3500 mL

BagFilter S: Ideal for pouring
Made of a resistant multilayered complex film with a non-woven lateral filter. Flora is extracted from the sample and passes through the filter during blending. You can then pour the filtrate without any residue nor particles. Available in 400 mL.

BagFilter Pull-Up: Ideal for PCR & small volumes
Has a built-in tank to pipet small volumes with any type of pipet and very short tips (≥ 4 cm). A unique and patented Pull-Up® system allows you to pinch the bag and pull up the filtrate for easy pipeting. Available in 400 mL.

BagFilter® 400 P 400 S Pull-Up® 400 2000 P 3500 P
111 425
112 425
111 625
111 200
113 510
Nominal volume
400 mL
2000 mL
3500 mL
Useful volume
50-300 mL
400-1500 mL
200-3500 mL
Filter porosity
< 250 microns
< 50 microns
< 250 microns
< 250 microns
Bag dimensions
190 x 300 mm
250 x 380 mm
380 x 600 mm
Pack of
Box of


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