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  • On sale
    Homogenize 3 samples with this tiny, inexpensive benchtop homogenizer.
    $725 USD   from   $616 USD
  • No sale
    A mightier Bullet Blender for tougher samples. An unbeatable combination of value, power, and throughput!
      from   $3,745 USD
  • On sale
    A handheld rotor-stator (2 probes included!) for under $1000.
    $949 USD   $807 USD
  • On sale
    A powerful, 500 watt ultrasonic processor with programmable operation and a digital display.
    $3,675 USD   from   $3,150 USD
  • No sale
    Massively powerful and extremely flexible. In terms of performance, the Evolution sets the standard.
      from   $10,990 USD
  • On sale
    A very high-powered, 1375 watt ultrasonic homogenizer for industrial-scale applications up to 40L or 5L/min.
    $8,700 USD   from   $7,550 USD
  • No sale
    A lightweight handheld homogenizer - great for quick homogenizing jobs!
      $763 USD
  • No sale
    Powerful homogenizer with digital speed display for volumes from 0.25 - 30l
      $3,092 USD