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    Keeps samples at 4°C with clean & easy dry-ice cooling.
    from $6,445.00 USD
  • A digital, programmable ultrasonic homogenizer suitable for small volumes.
    from $2,800.00 USD
  • Homogenize 3 samples with this tiny, inexpensive benchtop homogenizer.
    from $695.00 USD
  • A handheld rotor-stator (2 probes included!) for under $1000.
    $949.00 USD
  • Quite possibly the most powerful laboratory bead mill homogenizer that exists.
    from $9,585.00 USD
  • A mightier Bullet Blender for tougher samples.
    from $3,695.00 USD
  • Homogenizing in microtubes? Make your life simple with one of these.
    from $1,551.00 USD
  • Lower-volume microbial extraction / isolation for clinical and life science applications.
    from $5,339.00 USD